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11. Manarola, one of famous villages of Cinque Terre, Italy.jpg


Who hasn’t dreamed of sipping chianti, twirling their fork in a plate of rustic pasta and watching the setting sun cast its yellow warmth across rolling fields of sunflowers. Italy is for anyone who wants to live a robust life of carbs, passionate hand gestures, fall in love and find the true meaning of life, all within the birthplace of the Renaissance at the heart of the Roman Empire. You could visit Italy for the rest of your life and still not see everything, so it’s best to get your first trip done and dusted!

Best Time To Visit


Italy enjoys a relatively long tourist season. From April to June, warm weather pervades, and the crowds are slightly thinner, making it the perfect time to visit every corner of the country. July, August and September are the hottest and busiest months. Mid September and into October may see slightly cooler weather, but make it a great time to experience a more ‘local’ experience with less tourists. 

Highly Recommended Experiences:

  • Wander exquisite Renaissance palaces, endless museums and visit ‘David’ in the most beautiful city in Tuscany (Florence)

  • Tour the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

  • Be serenaded by a traditional gondolier in the beautiful city of Venice 

  • Take a private tour of the holiest place on earth at the Vatican 

  • Have an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ experience in Naples and indulge in the world’s most famous pizza

  • Visit all five of the perfectly-perched fishing villages of the ionic Cinque Terre


Best Time To Visit


The best window to visit South Africa if you want to go on safari, is from May to September. This is a time when the vegetation is drier, and it’s easier to see wildlife (especially leopards). This is a time when herds will bring their young to watering holes. If you’re looking at spending more of your time around Cape Town, November to March will work better, and you will get ideal weather for the Western Cape and parks in that region. 




If you are looking for a thrilling introduction to the wildest continent on earth, South Africa is teeming with the kind of drama you’ve been searching for your whole life. This ancient and storied country offers up vibrant African culture, postcard perfect landscapes, prehistoric species and a tapestry of food, wine and tradition. Feel the power of two oceans colliding at Cape Point National Park; Sip delicious wines amidst vineyards so green you’ll feel like you’re in a painting; And watch as the largest species participate in what truly is the circle of life. South Africa will leave you breathless, inspired and feeling bold. 

Highly Recommended Experiences:

  • Visit lesser known Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and come face to face with black maned lions 

  • Pay homage to one of the world’s greatest leaders, Nelson Mandela, and visit Robben Island in Cape Town

  • Explore landscapes that inspired Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and hike in the Drakensberg Mountains

  • Tour Franschhoek & Stellenbosch and sample some of the most award winning wines in the world

  • Visit the Cape of Good Hope & Hang Out with a Penguin Colony 

  • Spot the Big 5 in Kruger National Park 



You’ll be hard pressed to find a culture that exists as far into the future as it is deeply rooted in an ancient past. From the glitz of Tokyo’s Harajuku district, to the ancient and sacred island of Okinoshima, a 4th century World Unesco Site where only the temple priests and esteemed guests are permitted to step foot on the island. This string of volcanic islands offers up everything from tropical beaches, snow capped mountains, bath houses steeped in ancient tradition,  meticulous zen gardens and a fascinating culture. Bring your appetite and a sense of adventure because Japanese cuisine is a full sensory experience with its very own language. Pack your bags, and climb aboard the shinkansen (bullet train) for a wild ride through the ancient past to the future. 

Best Time To Visit


Interestingly, Japan is one of those rare all-season destinations. Winter enthusiasts flock to the  island of Hokkaido to experience some of the best deep powder skiing on earth. For those looking to experience warmer temperatures and the eventual return of the cherry blossoms, visiting anywhere from late March to mid May is the perfect time to visit most corners of this archipelago. Summer can be uncomfortably hot and humid, but September to November still see warm temperatures and moderate crowds. 

Highly Recommended Experiences:

  • Enjoy a deep soak in a soothing ‘Onsen’, a natural hot spring bath 

  • Experience a traditional Geisha Dance in Kyoto 

  • Climb aboard the ‘Hello Kitty’ shinkansen and be swept from Osaka to Fukuoka 

  • Learn about rural Japanese life during the ‘Edo Period’ by exploring the thatched houses at Hida Folk Village in Takayama

  • Indulge in a Kaiseki meal, a multi-course culinary display of small, intricate dishes

  • Participate in a ‘Hanami’, the tradition of viewing the cherry blossoms at Himeji Castle


Best Time To Visit


Jamaica, like much of the Caribbean, has a distinct window of good weather vibes between November and April. However, if you’re looking to avoid crowds, traveling from November to the middle of December tends to be much quieter. The summer months are hot, humid, and by August, tropical storms are a steady concern.

30. Jamaica - Dunns waterfall.jpg



Jamaica represents the epitome of ‘island life.’ Even the palm trees sway to their own reggae beat. Jamaica’s beaches are iconic, and the tepid turquoise waters await the weary traveler. If food and drink are your vibe, prepare to wrap your fingers around a cool glass of smooth Jamaican rum, sit back back and experience the collision of some of the most explosive flavours anywhere on earth. From crystalline waterfalls, to misty mountains, right down to the palm fringed shores, Jamaica is whatever you make of it.

Highly Recommended Experiences:

  • Explore the a labyrinth of caves once a haven for Spanish pirate in the Green Grotto Caves 

  • Take a night swim in one of only four places on earth where bioluminescence sets the water aglow

  • Pack a picnic and spend the day at Doctor’s Cave Beach in beautiful Montego Bay

  • Take an easy bamboo rafting tour through the rainforest on the Rio Grande 

  • Sip and soak up the rays on one of the most famous beaches in the world - Seven Mile Beach 

  • Spend the day learning about one of Jamaica’s most beloved exports - Appleton Rum

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